Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Hi Everyone

Just thought I would give you an update, well I am still unemployed but staying positive that better things are still to come. 

While I remain a drain on society I decided that I would take up Higher Human Biology I had looked to do it as an evening class while I was still working but the job wouldn't let me do that, so I put the course on hold, Now I really need to do to keep my mind active, Now I know that sounds a little mad, that I would take up Higher Human Biology but the truth is I really enjoyed it at school...

First class went well, I think exam is in June and already we are getting exam questions at us, think I managed 3 out of 5 which isn't too bad.  It was all about DNA and what we are made up of, personally I am made up of tubs of lard but boy was I proven wrong.

When I went into the class there was a girl there that I thought I recognised and I probably stared at her for a few seconds too long, what I didn't know is that she was thinking the same thing, we both had to go down to the finance office, then we clicked, this girl is someone who I hadn't seen since I was 8 years old imagine that.  Just shows you that some people just never change.....

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