Monday, 27 September 2010


The nicest bracelet I have made yet..

Fathers Day Cards I Made for Friends

Here are two cards I made for Friends using the charts from a Cross Stitching Magazine,

They were really easy to do the only hard bit was handing them over....

Finally Some Jewellery,

Well finally some jewellery, these were made from kits and they are just lush

I am still here

Hi everyone,

Sorry I haven't been on the seen recently, a few things have been happening, I lost my job in July and I am still seeking work as of now, so hit a low point and didn't really feel inspired by anything.

Thanks to some amazing friends I have come through the other side and a certain bootcamp to get my backside into shape to stop me getting an even bigger behind,

I managed last night to make 2 cards last night the first in a long time so please tell me what you think.