Saturday, 19 March 2011

To the most amazing friend

Brian's Pants

Lisa's Butterflies

Lady Steph

A long time coming

Finally the update you have been waiting for ......

I have managed to secure employment for the next three months and if i do a good job then I will be kept on a little longer (fingers crossed)  7 Months unemployed is a very long time, as you can imagine trying to tear yourself away from the constant job searching, biscuit nibbling, and coffee slurping to make something creative and inspiring is in a land far, far away, However I did manage to make a few things mainly cards for the Booty-licious ladies.  These will be posted shortly.

Higher Human Biology is going well I managed to pass my second assessment, Continuation of Life, We started the 3rd topic and the teacher lands us with the date for the prelim 31st March EEEEK! Final exam is in June. The pressure is on.

Brace yourself some of you may already know this but I am runnning a 10k this year and a 5k, All for charity.  I know I am built for comfort not speed, but this is my way of getting fit and raising money for charity.

I have waffled enough and hope that you like my projects I have done so far.. I know there aren't many but you guys understand.


Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Hi Everyone

Just thought I would give you an update, well I am still unemployed but staying positive that better things are still to come. 

While I remain a drain on society I decided that I would take up Higher Human Biology I had looked to do it as an evening class while I was still working but the job wouldn't let me do that, so I put the course on hold, Now I really need to do to keep my mind active, Now I know that sounds a little mad, that I would take up Higher Human Biology but the truth is I really enjoyed it at school...

First class went well, I think exam is in June and already we are getting exam questions at us, think I managed 3 out of 5 which isn't too bad.  It was all about DNA and what we are made up of, personally I am made up of tubs of lard but boy was I proven wrong.

When I went into the class there was a girl there that I thought I recognised and I probably stared at her for a few seconds too long, what I didn't know is that she was thinking the same thing, we both had to go down to the finance office, then we clicked, this girl is someone who I hadn't seen since I was 8 years old imagine that.  Just shows you that some people just never change.....

Monday, 27 September 2010